Freeform Arts Festival is a leave­no­trace transformational interactive arts and music festival that connects artists and performers for four days of events and activities. Freeform was founded to serve as an outlet to showcase talents among the underground artist community, forge genuine friendships, and to unite the dozens of art collectives that exist along the East Coast. Freeform is a leave it better, leave it beautiful event: our participants ensure that their camps and public spaces are left in better condition when they leave then when they had found them.

Freeform Fundamentals

The Freeform Fundamentals are our ethos of this event. We must respect and follow these fundamentals when interacting with others both our colleagues and the participants fo the event. The Freeform Fundamentals are the basis of the ethos of our event. They include:

Accountability: At Freeform, you are responsible for your own actions, your contributions to the event, your participations, and your experiences. As well as following state, federal, and local laws.

Consent: Consent doesn’t end with your physical body. Consent includes personal, emotional, and privacy boundaries. Always remember to ask first, be respectful when you are given a no, and silence is not a yes.

Leave No Trace: Respect and protect our environment as a community and as an event. All participants are expected to clean up after themselves and check all spaces you have played in. There will be no trash cans at this event! We strive to leave our environment cleaner than before we arrived!

Inclusion: Every participant is equal to the other. We accept, welcome, and include all participants. This being stated, we also appreciate and welcome all backgrounds, walks of life, experiences, and forms of expression.

Expression: We embrace the concept of radical expression in all forms as long as they are within the boundaries of mutual respect and consideration of oneself, fellow participants, and their environment.

Gifting: Freeform is a sustainable event uninfluenced by advertising or vending. Freeform promotes a gifting economy, which provides an environment without expectation and which is not weighed down by commerce.

Self‐Reliance: This is an event of personal responsibility. You’re required to bring whatever you need to survive. The only thing provided by Freeform will be firewood, bathrooms, showers, and ice.